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Betriebswirtschaft (MBA)

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM), Wiesenstraße 14, 35390 Gießen


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become the international standard for postgraduate business education. It is a generalist degree intended for those who would like to deepen their managerial knowledge and skills. The philosophy underlying our Euro-American MBA course is to enable our students to deal with the many facets of management, including finance and investment, technology, innovation and industry specific issues. The course aims to develop skills in critical thinking, research and analysis through seminars that focus on both individual work and work in teams.

This MBA course in the Frankfurt area offers the following unique benefits:

  • Innovative and flexible approaches to learning and teaching
  • Integration of functions and disciplines
  • Application focus and in step with actual practice
  • Linking of theory and applications
  • Continuous learning environment compared to non-degreed programmes

Course target is a solid foundation of executive management leadership

⯈ Dedicated focus on strategy, sales and finance

&#x2bc8; Small course groups (< 25 students) and course language English (100%) offer best-possible learning outcomes

&#x2bc8; You reach in-depth understanding of business processes, management decision practices and tools

&#x2bc8; Providing tools for the Digital business transformation (New Module: "Digital Business")


Das Studium ist konzipiert für zukünftige Fach- und Führungskräfte mit breiten Einsatzfeldern in Industrieunternehmen aller Wirtschaftszweige sowie in Handels- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen.

&#x2bc8; University or college degree (certificate or diploma)
&#x2bc8; Professional experience (any documents)
&#x2bc8; English language competency (test certificate, abroad studies or company reference)
&#x2bc8; German language competency (certificate for international students)

4 Semester
Highly flexible 2 year program, starting every September / October

Courses take place every 2 weeks on Friday 17-21h + Saturday 9-18h
Intense study program: in total 28 one-and-a-half days + 2 one-week sessions


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Master of Business Administration i


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01.10.22 - 30.09.24
Mo. und Sa.
2 Jahre 14100
The tuition fee for the two-year program is 14.100 Euro and includes program materials such as textbooks and handouts/scripts. Fees are payable in three yearly instalments. Example for MBA XVIII-course: first instalment - payable in September 2022; second instalment - payable September 2023; third instalment - payable February 2024. This way you can write off the fee from your tax bill over three calendarial years. Discount and scholarship options: - THM Alumni discount (please enquire at the
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 13
61169 Friedberg